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In our previous post we talked about what an ssl was and what it stands for, and we said an SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which ensures that all data passed between the web server is encrypted in over words protected.

Why do you need and ssl ?

As A web master or owner, ensuring the safety of your customers or website visitors is a must to enable trust between both parties.Trust is so important on the internet, and by providing security it is very easy to obtain that. Any website which lacks security can expect to see very little to no traffic. A site which proves its security abilities can obtain a lot more visitors and that can be very profitable for the web owner.

The main reason why websites need ssl is to protect sensitive data or information that’s sent between servers and computers. In case data like passwords, credit card numbers and other personal data isn’t encrypted, it can be exposed to hackers easily which can steal this information to harm the users of the site.

By using an ssl certificate, your information or data is unreadable to anyone who tries to steal these information from your site visitors.By getting an SSL certificate, Your customers can do business with you knowing the information they provide to you through your website is secure and safe from thieves and hackers

Looking For an SSL ?
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